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The natives with Mercury in Leo are impressive orators. They speak in a voluble tone and use their hands and gestures to convey their words. They are confident about their ideas and can persuade others to come on board with them. Mercury in Leo denotes creativity and eloquence. They become juggler of words and use them effectively in their writing and speech. They have a desire for presenting their creative ideas and knowledge with dramatic appeal so as to spellbind the audience. They speak passionately and honestly without any intention of hurting feelings of others. They perform exceptionally well in debates and come hard on their competitors with precise facts and figures.

The natives with Mercury in Leo have the patience and concentration to learn something new. They don’t like to get engaged in too much detailing and prefer to keep things short and simple. They get immense pleasure from learning something new and innovative and like to let others know about their achievements. Their thoughts move on a grand scale and they always visualize the long term implications of their decisions. Sometimes, there is bias in their views as they think that their opinions are far better than the opinions of others.

The natives with Mercury in Leo are very conscious about getting approval of other people as they want to be liked by one and all. If they realize that their speech and tenor are hurting people’s sentiments and turning people away, they promptly change their tone and calm down their speech. They make it a point to acknowledge the viewpoints of others. They may appear egotistical due to their usual aloofness. People get hooked up to listen to their views with interest and intensity. They look convincing even while exaggerating. They enjoy jobs where they are allowed to give creative inputs.

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