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Mercury is in its own house in Gemini. The natives with Mercury in Gemini are bestowed with the aptitude to think quickly. They communicate clearly and use their language as a skill. They pass on the information which they gain through persistent efforts. They can convince people to change their opinions and can sway opinions in someone’s favor. Their major hobbies are reading and writing. They get bored easily but learn the facts quickly. Fast-paced situations excite them as it satisfies their passion for thrill and mystery. They pass on the information too quickly while teaching or delivering professional lessons.

The natives with Mercury in Gemini put more emphasis on accurate facts and figures and not on emotional patterns. This makes them appear emotionless and cold in others’ opinion. The people who are less sensitive find their company interesting but emotional people consider them discourteous and uncaring. Their curiosity propels them to focus on new things as they can’t sustain in boredom. They have a knack for collecting facts, figures and knowledge and they surprise people with their grasp on subjects on which they deliver lessons. For them, life is a puzzle which they want to sort out.

The natives with Mercury in Gemini ask questions and dig information most of the time. They are very good observers and look for the logic behind any decision. They want to give their opinion on every issue. If someone contradicts their points with logic and convinces them that they are wrong, they readily accept their fault and change their opinion. Their willingness to listen to arguments creates the perfect scenario for a good debate. They put up a good show in debates by using wit and placing incomprehensible facts. Their witty and academic discussions keep the audience spellbound and people don’t get bored when they are around.

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