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The natives with Mercury in Capricorn speak seriously and have weight in their conversation. They like to discuss issues of global importance that impact the lives of many people. They don’t want to chat about their personal or emotional issues. They choose their words with caution and like to convey the message in short possible words. They consider it wastage of time to discuss trivial issues and loose talks. They respect the importance of time and try to do things effectively and quickly to avoid even minimal wastage of time. They move forward by formulating plans and strategies beforehand. They are methodical performers who don’t like to move out of the predetermined arrangement.

The natives with Mercury in Capricorn get their work done in stipulated time for which they want to do things at their own pace and without external pulls and pressures. This way they can surpass the expectations of other people. They don’t want to let down others with incompetence of any kind. Their confidence and competence shows up in their communication. Their self-confidence drives them to assume leadership role in any collective endeavor, which, sometimes, dissociates them with their team. Their over-rational view of issues makes them pessimistic as they ignore the hidden bright shades. They don’t believe in too optimistic visions or wishful sounds.

The natives with Mercury in Capricorn are mentally very alert in memorizing facts and figures. They want to put their hands in tasks where there are chances of substantial results. They dislike people who don’t keep up their promises. They become short-tempered in the company of people who perform below expectations. They take time to learn new things but once learned; they retain the information for a long time. Their serious disposition often lands them in the zone of negativity and depression. They excel in the works that require timely completion.

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