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The natives with Mercury in Cancer are blessed with deep and meaningful thought processes. Their thoughts and words are linked with their sentiments. There is meaningful objective in each of their thought. They have excellent memory and can remember facts for a long time. When they recall something they can even recollect the feelings that they experienced at that particular situation. They remain calm and quiet and are not boastful by nature. They tend to speak slowly and with a delicate tone. They believe in observing the situations rather than jumping the gun with their suggestions. They prefer to learn through feelings and emotions rather than just memorizing the facts.

The natives with Mercury in Cancer are very cautious with their words because they understand that offensive speech is like unguided missile, which hurts and alienates people. They react emotionally to ideas and opinions. They become defensive about their viewpoint and overreact to opposition. But they are not always wrong in opposing others because they can very well read between and beyond the lines. People who speak rudely cannot gel with them. They like to converse with people who are gentle in speech and are good listeners. They filter new information with their emotions.

The natives with Mercury in Cancer focus more on their family, friends and feelings. They can’t connect with someone immediately as they find it difficult to trust people in just one go. They can act diplomatically and can get their work done without hurting others. Sometimes, they are so shy that they choose not to talk or express their feelings. They are very focused on their work and hate distractions. They are interested in reading poetry and prose. They become great writers and speakers. They are patriotic by nature. They appreciate and associate with the things of past, cultural and heritage monuments and archaeological excavations.

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