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The natives with Mercury in Aries are clear, emphatic and to the point in their speech and dealings. They speak convincingly and make their point without wasting time. Their mind instantly translates their thoughts into words. They are not the ones who waste their time in too much detailing or planning. They think like a leader and focus on the larger picture. They prefer to learn quickly without involving themselves in irrelevant issues. They use words as weapons to charge on others. They can wonderfully deliver motivational speeches and spiritual discourses. Their intellectual energy level is high-pitched and hard-hitting.

The natives with Mercury in Aries are frank and clear-cut in their communication. They don’t sugar coat words or move in circles while expressing their views. Their assertive tendency leads to confrontations with other people. They are innovators and are not afraid to put up new ideas, irrespective of approval or resentment by others. They become habitual to arguments or fights. They are outwitted by people who visualize issues more thoroughly than them. Their weakness lies in taking abrupt decisions. They don’t have the patience to look at all the angles of an issue before arriving at a conclusion. They are happy with people who reply them with ‘Yes Boss’.

The natives with Mercury in Aries become rude and aggressive when their ideas are opposed by others. They take criticism personally and respond in frustration. They excel in the fields of marketing, sales, promotion and teaching because of their persuasive conversational skills. They like competition because it gives them chance to prove their worth. They want a partner who can stand by their eccentric ways. They can’t live in a relationship where their views are considered secondary. They don’t leave a chance to win arguments with their partner. Their nervousness makes them prone to medical problems like hypertension.

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