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The natives with Mercury in Aquarius can be rigid and flexible at the same time. They listen to others views but they don’t fluctuate from their principles and predetermined opinions. There is no end to the range of topics on which they can converse upon. They listen carefully to others and mix up their conversation with humor to make it livelier and appealing to people. They are sharp thinkers who form their firm opinion based on logical thinking. They have an inherent desire to help others and serve the society. They become very good writers and some of their ideas are considered ahead of time.

The natives with Mercury in Aquarius consider every possible aspect of an issue before arriving at a conclusion because they want to avoid making any biased or incorrect decision. They go by ethics and thus are very confident about their decisions and approach towards work. They are quick learners because they always want to apply their mind in innovative and productive tasks. They like to participate in mind games like chess, word puzzles, quiz etc. and readily accept the challenges thrown by others. They excel in the subjects of science; discovery and inventions.

The natives with Mercury in Aquarius are friendly by heart and enjoy conversing with people, even strangers. It doesn’t mean that they chat endlessly or meaninglessly. They prefer to discuss topics that carry some weight and which challenge the brain power. They like to involve more people in such discussions to get a comprehensive view of the subject discussed. They might have made up their mind on an issue beforehand, but still they keenly listen to others views. They make a delightful company but sometimes people get offended by their superiority complex which arises out of their knowledge and over-confidence. They can read a person’s intentions from his/her expressions.

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