Mercury in 8th House

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Mercury in the eighth house gives penetrating eyes and curious vision to the natives. They look to investigate the matters beneath the surface. They want to unravel the mysteries that surround our life. They don’t just want to explore the factors that govern our life, but they are also interested in knowing that what happens after death. Their personality is a blend of mystery and spirituality. Their thirst for resolving hidden secrets is supported by their intuitive spirit. They are first-rate strategists because they don’t lose their hold on even the minutest of the details. They come up with workable solutions for the most intricate problems. Every step of theirs is well planned.

The natives with Mercury in the eighth house suffer from health problems and financial constraints if Mercury is debilitated or afflicted here. Diseases related to blood, veins, eyes and teeth emerge, causing them much agony and pain. It leads to financial crunch as most of their income is spend on getting medical treatment. Conjunction of weak Mercury with Rahu here can land them in prison. They are advised not to take law in their hands and pay the taxes properly. The weak Mercury can cut their span of life if the eighth lord is also afflicted.

Mercury in the eighth house gives them the ability to read others’ faces. They can read between the lines and can analyze people like a trained psychologist. They like to discuss issues that are considered unmentionable. If Mercury is exalted here, they live a long life. They earn money through many sources and may even get money or property from an issueless couple. Strong Mercury makes them an authoritative figure like a Judge or a Collector. They can go to foreign countries to complete their research in some subject. They may work in a hospital, prison or a rehabilitation centre.