Mercury in 7th House

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Mercury in the seventh house strengthens or weakens the marriage of the native, depending upon the placement of Mercury there and the power of the lord of the seventh house. If Mercury is exalted in the seventh house, the native will get a wise and intelligent life partner. They will have a strong bond with their partner, as the mental wavelength of both will be same. The native gets a partner who is youthful in outlook and romantic at heart. There may be age gap between the couple but they look good as a pair, on account of their young at heart spirit. Their spouse will belong to a very rich family.

The natives with Mercury in the seventh house lead a harmonious married life. Their partner is understanding and caring and provides them unconditional love and moral support. But if Mercury gets debilitated or weak here, there are bumps in route of blissful conjugal relationship. Differences could crop up between the couple and they may opt to live separately for some time. They start taking the relationship as a business deal where they have to win score. They would be better off if they become compassionate and understand the problems and demands of their partner. They should not force their ideas on their partner and should give them ample space and freedom to live the life as they like.

The natives with Mercury in the seventh house are eloquent, expressive and convincing in their speech. They perform better in trades like public relations, sales, marketing, media etc. Seventh house represents business partnerships and joint ventures. The good placement of Mercury here will bring them closer to potential business associates, who are fair and honest. The joint business will flourish and there will be regular and increased flow of income. But if Mercury is afflicted here, the native will face cash crunch. The partners will try to deceive them and may grab their share.