Mercury in 6th House

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The natives with Mercury in the sixth house have strong exterior but soft interior. They are firm and determined but they have a tender heart. They like to do things in textbook style i.e. everything is organized, precise and clear. At workplace, they are helpful towards all but they want the work to be completed in the set time frame. They can’t tolerate lethargy or imperfection and this makes them critical of others. They are admired as good employees as they are disciplined and efficient, but they are considered as tough employers and hard taskmasters. They take unnecessary tensions related to their work, which affects their health and they face problems like hypertension, nervous disorder and body pains.

The natives with Mercury in the sixth house conquer the problems that come in their educational and professional path with hard work and determination. They can earn money through the publishing business, like setting up a printing press or books and stationery shop. They are very systematic in their lifestyle. They keep clothes, books and other things at appropriate places meant for them. They don’t like disorder of any kind, be it in office or at home. The files are always neatly kept and the office desk is clear.

The natives with Mercury in the sixth house are health conscious, if Mercury is well placed. They take proper care of their diet and physical endurance. They exercise regularly and eat less. They overpower their enemies. But if Mercury is weak, afflicted or debilitated here, the native faces problems through their rivals and government. They fall sick often and suffer from diseases like leprosy or other skin diseases. Their harsh speech lands them in trouble and they are not able to achieve targets in work due to their lethargic conduct. They should refrain from pompous attitude.