Mercury in 5th House

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Mercury in the fifth house provides formal education and sound learning to the natives. They have sharp mind and logical leaning. They believe in rational approach towards learning. Their view is that things should not be learned just for the sake of learning but with interest. For them, education is a tool of flowering as a human being; and without education and learning, one remains as good as an animal. They consider life and the world as a laboratory where you have to perform various tests to reach at some logical conclusion. They observe things, look for logic behind everything, ask questions and are not satisfied till they get appropriate answers.

The natives with Mercury in the fifth house develop good knowledge of ‘mantras or tantric shastra’. They can attain proficiency in the art of hypnotism. They may be well-versed in ‘vastu shastra’, which is an art of construction based on the elements of nature. Ability to prepare faultless sketches helps them shine in architecture and designing. If Mercury is exalted or strong here, they may get a job related to public treasury. They may opt for career in finance and banking. The bad placement of Mercury here forces the native to leave their education halfway. They may be ridiculed for their lack of knowledge.

The natives with Mercury in the fifth house face hurdles regarding progeny. They may face difficulties in begetting children and if Mercury and the fifth lord are severely afflicted, they may not have a child at all. Then, they are left with no other option than to adopt a child. If Mercury is exalted in the fifth house or if Jupiter and Sun aspect it or are in conjunction with it, the native may be blessed with healthy and intelligent children. They derive happiness as their children are well-mannered.