Mercury in 3rd House

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Mercury in the third house is like a child playing in his house. When the planet of communication is in the house of communication, the natives ought to be well-versed in transmitting their ideas. They may be serious by nature but they don’t lack in humor. They are born intelligent and pearls of wisdom flow when they speak. They don’t lose patience even in the trying circumstances and remain cool, calm and collected. They are so curious by temperament that they want to learn almost everything. They are the collectors of information, whichever way it comes from. They are practical and level-headed.

The natives with Mercury in the third house like to do many tasks simultaneously. Even when they are eating, they would like to read something or watch news in the television. They are most likely to end up making their career in communication related fields like journalism, writing, teaching etc. One of their strong points is their writing skills. They can sway the emotions and thoughts of the people with their forceful composition. Their words force others to look at things from a new perspective. They excel in media and advertisement industry, where innovative ideas are always in demand.

Those who have Mercury in the third house are always in search of knowledge. They are proficient in mathematics and other such studies where calculations are applied. Astrology is one such subject which draws their interest. For them, time-bound predictions matter more than the general traits. They get so engrossed in the details and planning that they lose sight of the actual goal. The third house represents siblings. If Mercury is strong along with the lord of the third house, the natives will share affectionate bonding with their brothers and sisters. If the third lord and Mercury are weak, they will stammer while speaking, face troubles through siblings and fail in business.