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The natives with Mercury in the second house employ ethical means to earn money. There is stability in their financial set up because of their belief in hard work and truth. They know that they require money to get materialistic comforts, but they don’t compromise with their principles to attain wealth. They are expert in managing their finances as they know where to put their money like in shares, properties, lands, bank deposits etc. Their urge for investment makes their future secure financially. They accumulate so much wealth in their lifetime that they leave inheritance for their succeeding generations.

The natives with Mercury in the second house are blessed with the power of speech. They are eloquent speakers and can generate mass hysteria with the impact of their speeches. They are very good orators from their little age onwards. During their education period, they excel in debates and poetry competitions. When they grow up, they take interest in subjects related to mass communication. Writing comes easily to them and they pen down their thoughts and ideas in beautiful words. Their voice is so soft and sweet that others get mesmerized just by their sweet tone. They can be good radio jockeys, announcers, anchors and reporters.

The natives with Mercury in the second house are also skilled in striking deals between estranged groups by convincing them to come on the table for negotiations. They can be seen in the libraries turning the pages of books that others don’t care to read. They plan and analyze situations quickly and come up with solutions instantly. They can write on science as well as fiction. If Mercury gets debilitated they will remain uneducated and poor. If Jupiter aspects Mercury, they become renowned mathematicians. They have a large family and derive happiness from their children. They may be fond of rich food and wine.

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