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The natives with Mercury in the first house are capable of excelling in diverse fields. Mercury in ascendant makes the native intelligent, humorous and lighthouse of energy. They are very friendly and charming and thus liked by all. They have a sharp mind and right vision for their life. They move purposefully in their professional endeavors. They change their plans according to the need of the hour and they are adaptable in every situation. They are good mannered and civilized in their communication with other people. They show utmost respect to all, elders as well as children. They are very cautious that no action of theirs should hurt anyone.

The natives with Mercury in the first house are described as born perfectionists. They want everything to be done by the book. They don’t mince words when they have to convey their point. They are truthful and straightforward. You can’t expect them to be diplomatic because they say what they feel, though it may not be liked by all. For them, constant learning is the biggest achievement in life. They dive in the details of every subject they study. Their sharp intellect enables them to learn things quickly than others. They shine in creative works like music, writing, painting etc. They leave their mark in debates and quiz contests.

The natives with Mercury in the first house have faith in the existence of the God but they don’t practice any and every ritual. They have a scientific bend of mind and look at things from the prism of logical reasoning. They look younger than their actual age. They are interested in collecting gadgets and other such things which can enhance their learning skills. If Mercury is weak, the native may not be wise. They may be prone to take rash decisions. The strong Mercury causes windfall of wisdom and goodness.

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