Mercury in 12th House

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Mercury in the twelfth house gives mixed results. The lord of the twelfth house ought to be strong and well placed in order to reap the good results from the placement of Mercury in the twelfth house. If Mercury is exalted here or in its own house, in Libra and Cancer ascendants respectively, the natives may have a strong foreign connection which will help them in realizing their goals. In some cases, their fortune rises only when they leave their native place and go abroad. They may have to live in a hostel in a boarding school to get education. They may have to go abroad for higher studies.

The natives with Mercury in the twelfth house are intelligent and always eager to share their knowledge. In the house of expenditure, strong Mercury encourages the native to disburse their information and wisdom. They will be fond of distributing a part of their assets and wealth to the needy people. Spirituality guides them to serve mankind through sharing. Strong Mercury makes them spend a part of their income on charity. They may also form their own charitable organization to serve poor and sick people. They are blessed with God’s Grace due to their generous nature and many a times some unknown powers help them in times of distress.

The natives with Mercury in the twelfth house are prone to mood swings and short temper if Mercury gets debilitated here. Lack of peace of mind will disturb their sleep which in turn will affect their work productivity. They may suffer from hypertension, headaches and migraines. They may lose their temper often and may become adamant on petty issues. Mercury’s conjunction with malefic planets like Mars may make them chain smokers. They may spend more than their income, thereby becoming penniless or even bankrupt.