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The natives with Mars in Virgo are disciplined, practical and rational in approach. They have a keen eye on detail. They analyze the merits and demerits of a proposal in detail before taking up that task. They are proficient in multitasking. Ask them to handle diverse responsibilities at a time and they will not shy away from throwing themselves into new assignments. They don’t want to sit idle. They derive pleasure from getting involved in their work or hobbies. They know the tricks of their trade and do their work with perfection. They spare no effort to achieve their goals. They are always eager to learn new things and improve their knowledge.

The natives with Mars in Virgo display restrained behavior in matters of love and romance. They look for a partner who is organized, non-critical and who maintains good hygiene. They want their partner to be responsive to their goals and ambitions. They are reserved by nature and they look for a partner who can understand their expressions. They get pleasure from helping others. They are modest about their achievements. They manage to get the work done in stipulated time. They prefer logical thinking to emotional drama.

The natives with Mars in Virgo become difficult to handle if others take their work casually. They want perfection in efforts and dislike those who show laziness. They are peace-loving people but they show aggression and inflexibility in order to get the work done in their desired way. Their only concern is to finish one task and move on to another. They get impatient by any kind of delay in their work. This makes them susceptible to hypertension and nervous breakdown. They need to relax and enjoy rather than taking their work too seriously. They want to leave their imprint as a good human being.

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