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The natives with Mars in Taurus are pragmatic and have immense staying power in difficult situations. They are trustworthy but have a deep sense of domineering over their partner. Sometimes, they become adamant, which draws people away from them. They take up the tasks which they think they can handle better and in which they can prove their worth. Once they plan their move, they work in their own pace without bothering about the requirements of other people. They want to develop their creative instincts. They are fond of sensual pleasures and easily get attracted to beautiful people. They like to avoid confrontations.

The natives with Mars in Taurus remain focused on their goals and objectives, once they are convinced about a plan. They don’t do their work in hurry, instead they move in a leisurely pace. They worry about their financial security and make every effort to own luxurious things and materialistic possessions. They work in a planned manner to attain the things of their choice. Their dedicated approach makes them successful in all their endeavors. They ooze confidence, honesty and cheerfulness. They are down to earth and sail with the winds rather than against the winds. Creative assignments bring out the best in them.

The natives with Mars in Taurus are traditional and candid in love, marriage and relationships. They prove to be faithful to their partner. They want to develop strong emotional bond with their partner rather than jumping straight to the bed for physical gratification. They pay much attention to fulfill the needs of their partner. They are very possessive about their partner and get jealous if someone tries to get friendly with their partner. They are known for their inflexible attitude. At times, they behave immaturely and impolitely, which surprises their friends and family. They find it difficult to complete any work in a quick way.

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