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Scorpio is the own sign of Mars. It is, thus, at home and strong in this placement. The natives with Mars in Scorpio are determined to win at any cost. They hate to lose. They invest their passion and intensity in getting towards their goal. They don’t mind using bad tricks in order to accomplish their goals. They are difficult opponents to handle. They are very aggressive but they don’t show their emotions to others. They like to test their ability from time to time. They challenge themselves by setting goalposts that look distant. They believe in the saying that everything is fair in love and war.

The natives with Mars in Scorpio have intense desire to make a mark in the field they are involved. They are high on energy and confidence. They possess qualities like self-sufficiency, discipline and good organizational skills, that are needed to achieve something big in life. They don’t get annoyed normally but when they get angry, others run for cover. They are self-righteous, imposing and indomitable. Their memory is sharp and they don’t forget the good deeds or wrongdoings done to them by others. They like to play with dangers. They are fascinated with mysteries, life after death theories and paranormal activities.

The natives with Mars in Scorpio possess attractive personality. They look for passion and intensity in love and romance. They easily get attracted to the members of opposite sex, without enquiring about their past and social status. However, they don’t disclose their secrets or feelings to others quickly. They are very possessive about their partner. They are not above manipulations and tricks. They don’t hesitate to employ shady means if others don’t play by the rules. They strive for victory and not for appreciation or glory. They quietly move towards their goals because they want their opponents to remain off-guarded.

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