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The natives with Mars in Sagittarius are profuse with new ideas and dreams. They are more inspired than natives with other zodiac signs because they give prominence to fresh and innovative ideas. They have the intensity and creativity to achieve feats that may not look practical in the beginning. Their greatest strength is to inspire people to join hands with them for a larger cause. They can create an unbeatable line of reasoning, hypnotize people with their words and get the goal achieved. They possess clever mind and invigorating conversational skills. However, their creativity can blossom only if they are given freedom and scope to use their imagination without any set time table.

The natives with Mars in Sagittarius are so confident about their plans that they plunge into deep waters without worrying about the consequences. Sometimes, their enthusiasm takes precedence over ground work. They get disappointed with those people who don’t agree with their scheme of things. They like fun and laughter but all of a sudden they can be moralistic and preaching others the lessons of good conduct. They can’t stay for long at one place. They are warm and caring but when they get upset with someone they don’t mind hurting their sentiments. They tend to become impatient and restless when others don’t bow to their wishes.

The natives with Mars in Sagittarius take time to settle down in love and marriage. They look for a partner who resembles their imagined lover. Their partner should be able to keep them entertained and relaxed. They want to get assured before forging a long term commitment. They try to figure out the basic nature of their partner by giving them hypothetical scenarios and asking how they will behave in those situations. Others can enter their inner zone only after passing certain tests.

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