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The natives with Mars in Pisces are affected by mood swings. Their goals in the morning can be totally different with their thoughts in the evening. They don’t accept that they shuffle their plans too often. Their fluctuating nature makes them appear confusing and directionless in the eyes of other people. If they show interest in pursuing a goal, they should be given ample time to make sure whether they stick to their decision or not. They can pursue a goal seriously only if they have deep emotional attachment towards it. They go round the boundaries before pitching into the center.

The natives with Mars in Pisces need emotional drive to involve them in a group effort. They don’t jump the bandwagons just for the sake of it. Their unstable disposition gives them whopping ups and downs in life. Power, money and security can’t drive them crazy if they are not inspired about the work or cause. They are basically gentle and docile. They like when life flows in its own momentum as they don’t want to flow against the tides. They are very creative and use their instincts to make right moves. They may seem to possess saint-like calmness on their face but lots of undercurrent floats inside their minds.

The natives with Mars in Pisces are enormously romantic by nature. Romantic fantasies always stimulate their passion. Their thoughts are encompassed with the imagination of an ideal lover. They give prominence to emotional union with their partner, more than the physical union. Their compassionate nature makes them endearing to their partner as they shower love and affection on them. They also want to develop spiritual bonding with their partner because self-development and inner growth are more important to them than materialistic comforts. Their partner is enamored by their easygoing and accommodating nature.

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