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The natives with Mars in Libra are attractive and sensual. They are tactful in dealing with people. They convey their feelings to people by maneuvering the situation rather than stating their intentions in a clear-cut way. They are sociable creatures who have guests flocking to their house time and again. They are praised for their personal hygiene, table manners and social etiquettes. They are adept in finding solutions for the intricate problems. They avoid discords with people and instead win over them by manipulating the situation. They are not so emotional and flow with the favorable tides. They always want to remain in the good books of other people.

The natives with Mars in Libra are crazy about their partner. They are the eternal lovers who seduce their partner with style and grace. They are expert in making the settings conducive for romantic moments. They know how to love, tease and get cozy with their partner. They expect their partner to understand their heart and mind. They feel happy when others shower them with praise regarding their looks and style. They induce others to fall in the trap of their magical persona. They know how to use charm, beauty and sex appeal to lure people. They convince others to abide by their wishes.

The natives with Mars in Libra are unable to make up their mind in decisive moments. They look towards others for approval as they feel low in confidence during tough times. They take a long time in deciding their strategies. They break down when they are unable to ensure justice and fair sense of play in their dealings with others. They get annoyed and impatient when things don’t move according to their intentions. In such circumstances, they move away gnashing their teeth. They need to stay away from manipulations.

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