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The natives with Mars in Leo have great physical stamina and people appreciate their liveliness. They are pragmatic, assertive and self-assured. They have in-born qualities of a successful leader. They know how to get things done from others. They are blessed with good sense of humor and can entertain people with their solo acts. They shine as fine actors in dramas and stage shows. They are full of affection towards others which helps them to lead and guide others. They want to stamp their authority at public forums. They want to leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of those who came into contact with them.

The natives with Mars in Leo have a charismatic personality and charm others with their flamboyance. They are very conscious about their self-respect and strike back with vengeance if someone attacks their dignity. They can’t tolerate disloyalty from their partner or friends. They get impulsive when things don’t go their way. They are caring and understanding in relationships. They are excited with the idea of falling in love with someone. They may test the loyalty of their partner if they develop any suspicions about them. They take time to open up with others and don’t reveal their feelings in one go. They look for a partner who doesn’t hurt their ego and with whom they can have fun and laughter.

The natives with Mars in Leo are let down by their arrogant behavior. Their dominant attitude keeps people at bay. They become jealous if someone in their circle outshines them publicly. They can’t bear the fact that they too can lose. Their egocentric approach creates misunderstandings with their partner. In household matters too, they want to assert their dominance. They can be exploited and deceived by sycophants because whoever polishes their ego is a well-wisher in their eyes.

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