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The natives with Mars in Gemini are the embodiments of high energy level. They have the capacity to handle many projects at the same time. They are skilled in making witty and sarcastic comments. They are unpredictable and avoid even practical suggestions at times. They like to work in a changed atmosphere. They have sound oratorical skills which help them in outshining others in debates and arguments. The energetic atmosphere at work encourages them to perform better. The horses of their mind can run in different directions at the same time. They like to participate in the academic discussions.

The natives with Mars in Gemini are very good communicators. They can convince others to agree to their viewpoint. They feel good in the company of many people. They prefer group talks to one-on-one conversation. They like to participate in public gatherings and parties. They are blessed with good speech and analytical skills. They are also good in research works. They can become good teachers, writers, researchers, news reporters and public relations officers. They are fascinated by subjects that enhance their intellectual stimulation. Their imagination and creativity makes them illustrate ideas and vision, which others wouldn’t have thought of.

The natives with Mars in Gemini move from one project to another in a short span as they frequently get bored with one task. They are criticized for not being very focused about their goals. They are attracted to a partner whom they find matching them in intellect and knowledge. They are not considered very loyal in love because of their habit of trying something new in relationships too. For them, short term commitments are far attractive propositions. They get uninterested in places, people and things in short duration. Their partner needs to come up with interesting surprises to catch their attention. They seek attention from people and remain happy if the spotlight is on them.

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