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Mars gets exalted in Capricorn. The natives with Mars in Capricorn are willing to work hard to achieve their goals because they believe that nothing in life comes easily in the lap. They are realistic and don’t believe much in destiny. They are pleasing to others due to their down-to-earth nature. They step into a relationship or situation only if they are convinced that they can give their best to it. Temperament wise, they are patient, mature and unrelenting. They exhibit methodical approach in performing their duties and even push themselves against their will in order to complete the task.

The natives with Mars in Capricorn are not deterred by setbacks or roadblocks which they face in the journey towards their goal. Actual results matter more to them than making grandiose plans. They are not hardhearted but they don’t let emotions come in between them and their goals. They get impatient when others hold them back due to their personal interests. They welcome suggestions and support of others and are good in guiding and motivating people. They like to remain low-key while performing their tasks and are not crazy about getting recognition or importance. They believe in letting their work speak for them.

The natives with Mars in Capricorn keep their anger in check. They want to attain materialistic comforts and luxuries for the better survival of their family. They are skeptical about new-fangled proposals and come up as unimaginative beings in others eyes. This makes them pessimistic and traditional as they remain tied to old beliefs and rituals. They look for a partner who can provide them long-term security. They can suppress their emotional and physical needs in order to focus on their livelihood. They take time to open up but enjoy the pleasure of senses once they get into a relationship.

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