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Mars gets debilitated in Cancer. The natives with Mars in Cancer are sensitive to the feelings and needs of other people. They are creative and possess sharp memory which enables them to remember facts for a long time. They don’t thrust their opinions on others and are always ready to help and protect their loved ones. They have a preference for working according to their plans and policies, without any outside control. They can be relied upon and they look for amicable solutions for settling disputes with others. They look for security in their job and may opt for other job if that brings enhanced security for them.

The natives with Mars in Cancer may appear timid but they are brave and resolute from inside. They are fully aware of their goals and like to pursue them with full concentration of mind. They are very intense by nature which makes them undergo mood swings often. They are affectionate and sensual. They look for a partner who can understand their emotions well because otherwise they feel neglected and alone. They don’t feel bad to cry in front of others when they are overwhelmed with emotions. They are not very demanding or dominating in love. They believe in peaceful co-existence.

The natives with Mars in Gemini are very conventional in approach and want to follow the family traditions. They believe in conveying their emotions through gestures and facial expressions. They remain loyal to the core to their partner and expect the same dedication from their partner as well. At times, they show designs of manipulation and scheming nature. They can be very argumentative and rude when they become adamant on certain issue. They store anger inside them which adversely affects their physical and emotional health. They behave in an irritating way when they are affected by mood swings.

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