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Mars is the lord of Aries zodiac sign. Thus, it is at home in this placement. The natives with Mars in Aries are hotheaded as this sign belongs to the fire element. They are a step ahead of others when it comes to the issue of leadership. They are enticed by innovative ideas and look forward to trounce the challenges. People find it difficult to match their pace and passion. They go by their gut feeling and take quick decisions. They get annoyed quickly but their anger evaporates fast as well. They are very brave and are not bothered by unanticipated problems.

The natives with Mars in Aries get impatient and behave offensively if people don’t follow their dictates. They perform better when they are allowed to work as they desire. They don’t like when others interfere in their works or suggest against their wishes. They possess the fighting spirit which makes them excel in military, police, sports, athletics and other such pursuits. They get excited by new challenges but find it difficult to sustain on one issue for long. They are brave and don’t fear to step on the stairs which others avoid. They are full of life and like to get engaged in one activity or the other.

The natives with Mars in Aries are criticized for their lack of discipline and impulsive behavior. They display lack of humility as they are more concerned about bragging and boasting. Over aggressiveness lands them in troubles as sometimes they forget who they are dealing with. They are very sensual and passionate in love. However, they are disliked by their partner for not being emotional and communicative. They long for physical satisfaction in love rather than forging emotional bonding with their partner. They are not very demonstrative in expressing their feelings and act selfishly at times.

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