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The natives with Mars in Aquarius are the campaigners of freedom, equality and brotherhood in society. They uphold the higher ideals while pursuing their worldly duties. They want to maintain their freedom while working selflessly for a larger cause that is beneficial to the society. They have the maturity, patience and perseverance to turn the tides in their favor. They generally make unbiased decisions because they prefer using their intellect for taking decisions rather than using emotional schemes or brute physical power. They use reasoning power and logic to convince people or win arguments and keep emotional entanglements out of the equation.

The natives with Mars in Aquarius are well mannered, judicious and fair in their dealings. They need freedom to chalk out their course and in the process they ignore others’ counsel sometimes. They are so obsessed with their line of reasoning that they don’t budge from their stand. They give the impression of boasting their intellectual superiority. Inflexible adherence to self-opinion makes them rigid and difficult to get on with. They become rebellious if they found themselves trapped in a situation. But they value independence and individuality of others too. They have the guts to stand against the system or establishment if they feel that people’s rights are infringed upon.

The natives with Mars in Aquarius are dominant in their personal relationships although they give space to their partner to blossom. They go in for intellectual communications rather than emotional chit-chats. They take time to express their sentiments to others and open up only after they have become friendly with them. They lay more importance in establishing intellectual connection with their partner before forming emotional and physical connection. Sometimes, they show aloofness in the intimate relations which bothers their partner. They are very happy to back the intellectual pursuits of their partner as it gives them a sense of superiority.

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