Mars in 8th House

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The natives with Mars in the eighth house are said to have fire in their belly. They are hungry for success, fame, wealth and recognition. Their single point agenda is to reach the higher pedestal of success, where they are able to prove to the world that they are unique and matchless. Once they decide on something, they go after the goal with their full might. They are intelligent and good decision makers. Their deeply inquisitive nature makes them shine the careers related to investigation and research. They can become good lawyers, doctors, investigation officers and crime reporters.

The natives with Mars in the eighth house succeed in their professions because they value hard work and ethical approach. However, they undergo ups and downs in their personal relationships, the reason being their careless attitude in showing love and warmth towards their partner. If Mars is weak here, they may face financial setbacks and losses through business partnerships or joint ventures. They may become jealous and scheming. They want to make their own rules because they can’t part away with their freedom. They don’t hesitate to challenge the family traditions. Their inflated ego comes in between them and their dear ones.

The natives with Mars in the eighth house prick the hearts of other people with their harsh and insulting language. They need to exercise control over their tongue. Weak Mars in the eighth house causes eye troubles and problems for father. If Mars is exalted or strongly placed here, they may be blessed with intuitive powers. They may be inclined towards spirituality and may involve themselves in tantric practices or studying astrology and occult sciences. They become good counselors and psycho analysts and help people overcome their depression and mental agonies. If Mars is in conjunction with benefic planets, they will enjoy good health and will be long lived.