Mars in 7th House

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Mars in the seventh house is generally not considered very auspicious because of the ‘Manglik’ factor. It is said that the natives born under this disposition face upheavals in their married life. Either they marry very late or they don’t derive conjugal bliss at all. But it’s not as scary as it is perceived to be. If the lord of the seventh house is strong along with Mars, the native will enjoy matrimonial bliss. Those who are born with this placement of Mars should marry a ‘Manglik’ person. This makes their married life to sail smoothly.

The natives with Mars in the seventh house face problems due to their impatient and aggressive attitude, which sometimes turns violent. They pick up unwanted quarrels with their spouse which spoils their mutual admiration and respect. They should marry someone who is tolerant and more mature than them. They invite problems due to their argumentative temperament. If Mars is exalted or very powerful here, the native will not listen to anyone. They will be driven by their personal agenda. If Mars is debilitated, they may indulge in illicit relations and may use their physical energies in wrong ways.

The natives with Mars in the seventh house suffer from impotency, if Mars is badly afflicted. They may lose their wife just after the marriage or their wife may undergo serious health problems. They may bear humiliation for getting close to women of loose character. If the lord of the seventh house gets placed in the sixth house, then there may be separation between the couple through divorce. But, if Mars is exalted or in its own sign here, the native may have a happy married life. If Jupiter aspects Mars or the lord of the seventh house, the native will be prosperous and satisfied after marriage.