Mars in 6th House

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Mars in the sixth house gives very powerful results in relation to one’s valor and control over the enemies. If Mars is well deposited here, the native may trounce the enemy in the war. Such natives are characterized by their commanding nature and killer instinct. They are adept in handling tough situations. This makes them opt for career in the armed forces. They have a lot of energy, which they channelize by participating in sports and adventurous tasks. Some of the greatest athletes and sportsperson emerge from this planetary placement. They are passionate in work and play but they should give prominence to teamwork rather than being satisfied in individualistic glory.

The natives with Mars in the sixth house are tireless workers. Other people find it difficult to match them step by step. They are very sincere towards their work and dislike those people who are lethargic or inefficient. This makes people inimical to them, though they are right in their approach. They get impatient quickly when they notice that others are not working as per their expectations. They become inflexible and adamant to the point of estrangement with their colleagues or business partners. They get angry if their seniors or bosses don’t appreciate their efforts and work.

The natives with Mars in the sixth house face problems if Mars gets situated here in the company of its enemy planets. The presence of Rahu or Saturn here may cause diseases like rheumatism, hyperacidity and body pains. They may suffer problems through their maternal relations. They may roll under debt and may incur government’s wrath for not being able to pay up their bank loans. They may suffer from diseases related to blood and may be operated upon for the same. If Mars is strongly placed here, they will conquer enemies, debts and diseases.