Mars in 5th House

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The natives with Mars in the fifth house are people of strong grit. Their nature is defined by their daredevilry. They come across as natural leaders who hold the torch of leadership in difficult times. They attract the eyeballs when a tough decision needs to be taken because they are more ready than others to take immediate and correct decision. They are straightforward in their dealings and need a bit of restraint and articulation to avoid conflicts with others. Sometimes, their adamant and sarcastic attitude annoys people. They need to learn that ego can make their personal relationships sour.

The natives with Mars in the fifth house have a manly and muscular persona. They suffer on account of their impatience and rashness. They are fond of materialistic comforts and make efforts to get the things of their choice as early as possible. They are possessive about their partner and take time to settle in life. It may take some time before they beget children but their children are a source of great joy for them. They may be blessed with children whose birth brings them affluence and luxuries. They need to be cautious about getting involved in the relationships outside their wedlock.

The natives with Mars in the fifth house face hurdles if Mars is debilitated or afflicted here. Such natives are poor from birth and face injuries in their childhood. They may walk on the path of immorality and may not have any children, due to which their married life gets disturbed. However, if Mars is exalted or in its own sign or strongly placed in the fifth house, the native will be intelligent, blessed with children and may get a high position in government. If Mars is debilitated in the fifth house but if Moon also sits here, Cancer being Moon’s own sign, then the debilitation of Mars gets cancelled and it gives very good results.