Mars in 4th House

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Mars in the fourth house makes the native a home bird. They are attached to their family, especially to their mother. They feel best in the secure environs of their home and are very protective about their family. They, however, dominate their family as their writ runs at home. Their impulsive behavior causes clashes with their family members and makes them poignant. Then, they try to run away from the idea of marriage and contemplate to live alone all their life. They can overcome depression by adhering to the wise counsel of their mother and by becoming good listeners.

The natives with Mars in the fourth house are patriotic by temperament. They are attached to the heritage and culture of the motherland and defend the ideology of their nation with full force. They dream of sacrificing their life in the service of the motherland and join armed forces or police services to satisfy their ambition. But, if Mars is debilitated or afflicted here and the fourth lord is weak, the native may adopt the wrong path and become a terrorist or a naxalite. They may hold gun against the law and citizens. They should not feel jealous for the achievements of other people.

The natives with Mars in the fourth house have strong physical appearance even in their later years as well. They should avoid being rude to the people younger than them. If Mars is strongly placed here, the native receives inheritance from the parents and from the maternal relations. They may own more than one house and they change their vehicles frequently. They have landed properties on their name and may deal in the real estate business. If Mars is weak or afflicted, the native may not have a house of their own. They may face problems regarding their property and vehicles. Their mother may face health problems for a long period.