Mars in 3rd House

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Mars in the third house strengthens the courage of the native. They believe in their abilities till death because courage or self-confidence is their biggest asset. But they become impatient when others don’t match up to them in performance. They want everything to be done as quickly as possible. They should avoid driving fast. They are argumentative and force others to follow their commands. They have good knowledge and control over the subject or the technique they are involved in. They can’t sit idle and are always seen in action, doing their work or planning meticulously for future endeavors.

The natives with Mars in the third house find pleasure at their workplace. They are motivated if there’s a new plan put on their table regarding the expansion plans of their venture or new target to be achieved in their job. They need outer things to make them feel contented inside. They don’t let their peers to overshadow them. They find glory in work only and are true ‘karma yogis’ or believers in action. Their abundant energy takes them to sports fields because it gives them a platform to show to the world that they have arrived. They emerge as great sprinters, athletes and sportsperson.

Mars in the third house creates conflicts with siblings. Their brothers may be inimical to them, if Mars is afflicted. They may travel abroad to earn and may succeed earlier than expected. They have to remain careful about blood related diseases and right ear. If the lords of the third and the ninth houses are benefic planets, they will be inclined towards spirituality and secret donation. But, if third and ninth lords are afflicted, they may criticize religion and may question the existence of God. But one thing is sure that such natives come heavily on their enemies and trounce them because Mars in the house of courage aspects the sixth house of enemies.