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Mars in the second house sheds the ego that it attained in the first house, but the fire in the heart to go after the ambitions is as strong as it can be. The natives with such placement of Mars don’t build castles in the air. They are pragmatic and plan according to their maximum potential because they want to achieve something in the end instead of moving in the circles. They are most concerned about their physical stamina and go to gym and do weight training, jogging, exercises etc. to maintain strength and staying power.

The natives with Mars in the second house want to enrich their soul as well by feeding it with good thoughts and spiritual lessons. They consider learning as the biggest earning. Their voice seems to be bit harsh because of their loud tone and fast accent. They become very angry if someone tries to play with their self-respect or maligns their family or friends. They are not greedy about money but they want to earn a lot to prove their competency. They need to control their tongue and temper to succeed in life because people spot their weaknesses and exploit them. The strong placement of Mars and the lord of the second house endows the native with wealthy in-laws.

The natives with Mars in the second house suffer from eye problems if Mars is placed with the lord of the sixth house. However, the aspect of benefic planets like Jupiter saves the native from deep medical troubles. In Pisces ascendant, Mars in the second house, being the lord of second and ninth houses, gives enormous wealth. If Mars is weak, afflicted or debilitated in the second house, the native eats unhealthy food and suffers from bad speech. If Mars is strong, the native becomes a ‘kuldeepak’ or shining star of the family.

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