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Mars in the first house gives traits like authoritativeness, aggression, dominance and valor to the natives with such disposition. They are action-oriented commanders, who ignite the fire of passion in their belly by the spark of any new goal in sight. They don’t like to waste time in just planning, instead they are in action whenever the situation demands. Their energy and enthusiasm never fades which shows up in their attitude when adversity arrives at their door. They believe that they are born to lead and not to follow others. This makes them perform better in leadership roles only.

Mars in the first house inflates the ego of such natives. It propels resentment in other people as they find it difficult to work with them on account of their interfering nature. Such natives want to establish their reign at any cost. They are extroverts and are always ready to participate in sports and adventure as it gives them a chance to release their abundant energy. They don’t fear or shy away from battles because it appeases their sense of self. They can employ any means to achieve their goals. There can be discords in their married life if the lords of the first and the seventh houses are afflicted along with a weak Mars.

The natives with Mars in the first house reach the pinnacle of glory due to their hard work and never-say-die spirit. They are firm in decision making but can become adamant at times. They need to listen to others’ views to become more acceptable. They are strong hearted people and emotions don’t matter much to them. They let their instinctive mind to do all the talking. If Mars is exalted or in its own sign here, they may be interested to join armed forces. If Mars is weak, they need to be careful from fire and explosive substances.

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