Mars in 12th House

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Mars in the twelfth house shows expenditure, in terms of money, resources and intellect. The natives with such disposition may spend more and earn less. In such cases they are not left with resources or options. They plan more but become lethargic when the time comes to realize those plans. This makes them lose faith in their abilities and then they merely follow what others tell them. If Mars is in conjunction with malefic planets, they have to struggle a lot to earn a decent living. They may be forced to do works that they are not interested in. Others steel the limelight from them and take credit for their work.

Mars in the twelfth house gives auspicious results when Jupiter or Sun is also placed with it. If the twelfth house becomes strong, the native may dive deeply in the ocean of spirituality. They may be inclined towards gaining enlightenment or touch of divinity. They turn their life’s journey inwards to identify the true purpose of their life. The conjunction of benefic planets with Mars eliminates the bad effects of the twelfth house. They become compassionate and make an effort to wipe the tears from the eyes of the depressed people. They travel to foreign lands and earn money there.

The natives with Mars in the twelfth house get affected by the attitude of people around them. If others spot their weak point and constantly focus on that, their mind gets filled with negativity. They start believing in other people’s views and lose their confidence and faith in themselves. They can perform well if they are motivated and reminded of their qualities. If Mars is weak here, they may suffer from eye diseases. Bad Mars can also land them in prison. They will indulge in backbiting and oppose religious pursuits. If the lord of the twelfth house is in sixth, eighth or twelfth houses; the bad effects are cancelled and good ‘yoga’ emerge.