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Modality: Cardinal
Element: Air
Ruler: Venus
Season: Fall
7th Sign of Zodiac

Metal: Copper
Stone: Diamond, Quartz, Marble
Color: Pastel Green
Anatomy: Kidneys

Keywords: just, sociable, refined, accommodating, kind, fair, diplomatic, likable, indecisive, respectful, artistic

The natives with Libra as their rising sign are the peace makers among the zodiac federation. They are jovial, open-minded and mild-mannered. They love socializing and communicating with people. They behave in a very cultured manner. They like to live a harmonious life and are fond of designer and beautiful clothes and expensive furnishings. Like the symbol of scales that represents their zodiac sign, they take balanced decisions after visualizing both sides of the coin. They analyze the merits and demerits of every decision from all the angles before settling for the final decision. They have unbiased attitude, sound judgment ability, pleasing mannerisms and detached disposition. They accept constructive criticism with grace and are very courteous and hospitable towards known and even unknown people.

The Libra rising natives have a distinctive personality. They have attractive and curved physique. They have oval-shaped face, big lips and pleasant facial features. They are average to tall in height. They have a tendency to gain weight but they are very conscious of maintaining a slim and elegant look. Being the social butterflies, they are always ready to attend any party. They often end up eating more than their body requires. Their creativity is established in the subjects like fashion, food, wine, music, acting, theatre etc. They are adventurous and fond of traveling. They like to discover new horizons and places; and are fond of meeting with and talking to the strangers.

The Libra rising natives can excel in diverse fields when it comes to choosing profession. Since they gel well with people, they perform better in professions like public relations, sales, advertising, media and real estate. People like to do business with them as they connect well with their clients. They hide their intelligence inside their easygoing exterior. They are suited to vocations like interior designing, architecture, television, cinema, dance, music and creative fields. They are fond of luxuries and spend heavily when they are on shopping spree. They like to arrange lavish parties and have penchant for giving expensive gifts. All this makes them short of money time and again. As an entrepreneur or an employee, they always dress immaculately, thus adding more power to their glamour quotient. They need autonomy to perform well.

In the matters of heart and love, the Libra rising natives succeed in gracious flirtation. They are eager to remove the rough spots from their bad-going relationships. They are willing to introspect and alter their nature to satisfy their partner. They are fond of physical pleasures and are tempted by the erotic aspect of love.

On the negative side, the Libra rising natives are vacillating in nature. It is difficult for them to arrive at a decision quickly. They are very self-absorbed and appearance-oriented people. They are always eager to glorify their looks and take abundant time in getting ready. Health wise, they should guard themselves against excessive alcoholism, erratic food habits, skin ailments and insomnia. The body parts that need care are kidneys, ovaries, adrenals, buttocks and lower back.

Libra is symbolized by The Scales and belongs to the Air element. Venus is the ruler of Libra. Saturn gets exalted and Sun gets debilitated in Libra. In horoscope, it represents the seventh house. Blue color is associated with Libra.