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The natives with Jupiter in Scorpio are people of mystery. Darkness, shadow and secrecy are the focus of their existence. They believe that dark elements of Nature are as natural and necessary as the bright elements. They want others to accept the truth of life and understand this fundamental. They can connect with the insecurities, anxieties and fears of other people. They can scare others as they are masters in creating atmosphere of horror. They like to discuss issues that are considered taboo. They want to bring forth issues that remain hidden due to societal pressures. They want people to face it, accept it, discuss it and get transformed by it.

The natives with Jupiter in Scorpio give high priority to self-expression. They don’t want to be guided by someone else’s or societal barometer of what is right or wrong. Their goal is not to do work to please others or gain their approval or appreciation. Instead they stand for what is rightful and honest. They understand the importance of secrecy and never share their or others secrets. They want people to evolve by overcoming their fears, insecurities and weaknesses. They can become icons, thanks to their raw magnetism and sex appeal. They become good investigators, spies, criminal reporters, police officers and scientists.

The natives with Jupiter in Scorpio attain power and high status which makes people to fear from them. They become detrimental to themselves and others when their vision gets shrouded by obscurity. They want to prove to others how strong, fearless and intimidating they can be. This attitude pushes them towards vicious acts. But when they mould their personality with positive energy, they become defenders of truth; redefine the old-fashioned customs; stand by the downtrodden and ill-treated folks. When they tread on the path of uprightness, no one can dare stop these soldiers of truth.

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