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Sagittarius is Jupiter’s own house. It is thus strong, when placed here. The natives with Jupiter in Sagittarius look towards life to unravel its deep meaning. They are guided by a set of rules which they have formulated for themselves. They are honest, friendly, optimistic and carefree. They are drawn towards religion and philosophy. They find joy in learning, traveling and teaching. It makes them a lifetime student. They are the continuous travelers of both body and mind. They have interest in sports and outdoor activities. They remain tied to their moral principles and to whatever they believe is right for humanity.

The natives with Jupiter in Sagittarius are very inspirational and their enthusiasm is infectious. They stick to their beliefs and perceptions with all their might and refuse to budge when they consider their viewpoint right. They have a knack for planning the right strategy to determine their next steps. They arouse when they are challenged in intellectual pursuits and sports. It gives them an outlet to showcase their talent. They travel not just to visit a new places but to garner knowledge about the history, geography, culture and legacy of that place. They should refrain from becoming too rigid and pompous.

The natives with Jupiter in Sagittarius radiate goodness of a virtuous soul. Those who get in touch with them feel the warmth of their affection. They go all-out to make life beautiful for others. They don’t neglect the social issues and participate voluntarily in humanitarian acts like blood donation, disaster management work, rehabilitation program, managing orphanages and old age homes etc. They are prosperous but extravagant. However, they like to spend their money for good purposes. They may have formed their opinion beforehand but they give others a chance to present their case. The source of their inner strength is their unwavering faith in God. Spirituality is a way of life for them.

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