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Jupiter is in its own house in Pisces. The natives with Jupiter in Pisces have inclination towards spirituality and supernatural concepts. They want to find their path by experiencing the Truth of life. They are kindhearted, generous, humble, calm and farsighted. They are blessed with intuitive powers, which is a part of their persona. They tickle the funny bones of people with their subtle sense of humor. They believe that all can grow together in this world and there’s no need to develop animosity or enmity with each other. They want to travel on a higher spiritual plane and want to help others in getting a feel of divinity.

The natives with Jupiter in Pisces sometimes draw themselves back from people, including their dear ones, to spend time in solitude. They find it good for their mental conditioning. It is their inherent desire to help those who are not as fortunate as them. They become sad to see the plight of depressed sections of the society. They take the initiative to serve others in hospitals, orphanages, old age homes and even jails to help others overcome their worst phase in life. They light the candle of hope in the hearts of people who have lost zeal for life.

The natives with Jupiter in Pisces become hypersensitive over frivolous issues. They don’t take much time to become over-emotional and too sentimental. They are generous but extravagant too. There is an exceptional aura in them that other people get attracted by their magnanimous nature. They connect instantly with others because they pay attention to others’ feelings and needs. They are very good listeners and don’t interfere when others are speaking. They feel lighthearted when they immerse themselves in spiritual practices. They spent a lot of time in meditation to overcome their mental pain. They are not crazy about remaining in limelight and prefer working quietly behind the scenes.

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