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The natives with Jupiter in Gemini are inquisitive and talkative by nature. They don’t shy away from putting their hand in tasks that others avoid to do. Their strength lies in their communicative nature and their interest in learning something good from everyone. They can gel with others instantly and can converse on the intellectual subjects at length. They are avid readers and pen down their emotions in a soul stirring way. They can relate to different set of opinions because of their nonjudgmental nature. They like to meet new people and get to know their beliefs because inspirational acts of others motivate them to perform better.

The natives with Jupiter in Gemini can become great mentors and counselors. They put more emphasis on learning than earning. They like to share their knowledge, resources and skills with other people for the benefit of mankind. They want to live a life that is vibrant, peaceful and packed with wide-ranging experiences. Their friendly disposition helps them to gain new acquaintances and contacts. They remain unbiased and neutral in analyzing people’s behavior and situations. It makes people, especially conflicting groups, to come to them to solicit advice. They steal the show in social gatherings by their eloquent speech and humorous punches.

The natives with Jupiter in Gemini excel in professions where they can serve the humanity. Occupations like information and broadcasting, communications, publishing, media management excite them. Intellectual status matters more to them rather than the financial status. They are capable of doing many tasks simultaneously as their mind works in many directions at a time. They want to travel across the globe as life becomes dull if they are asked to stick at one place. They look forward to get transferred to new places during their jobs because it gives them a chance to explore another place.

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