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Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn. The natives with Jupiter in Capricorn are filled with optimism towards their life because they accept the black and the white with equal ease. They make a mark by following the golden principles of life. They don’t shy away from working hard in life as they understand that they have to slog to achieve something in life. They have the staying power to pass through difficult times. They believe in the customs of past. They like to follow a disciplined routine. They have a penchant for preparing their schedule and then moving in steps towards their goals.

The natives with Jupiter in Capricorn have a strong drive for attaining powerful status. They want to assume an important role so that they are recognized by others. They work hard to earn their place in the world, whether it is business, job, creative pursuit, bureaucratic role or politics. They want to earn a lot of money and sometimes take recourse of the unethical means to amass wealth. However, they lose their fortune when they deviate from the right path. They have an intense and serious disposition but they can surprise others with their sense of humor. They know how to make the best of a challenging situation.

The natives with Jupiter in Capricorn demonstrate tightfisted nature but they will do well by becoming generous and sharing their resources with others. They don’t invite criticism due to their strong moral code. They achieve success by following the path of righteousness and conventional wisdom. They crave for accumulating materialistic assets, which shakes their mental balance. The fear of failure makes them timid. They want to make a contribution in the development of other people. They excel in professions like finances, planning, architecture, administration, environment and politics. They take calculated risks to achieve their goals.

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