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Jupiter gets exalted in the Cancer, which is the sign of its friendly planet Moon. This is the best placement for Jupiter. The natives with Jupiter in Cancer are benevolent, soothing and knowledgeable. They set high goals for themselves and are guided by their instincts. They take care of others with utmost dedication and are always willing to heal the wounds of the sufferers. Their memory is sharp and they can remember facts for a long time. Things related to history and heritage fascinates them. On top of their agenda is the desire to build a beautiful home for their family. They are philosophical, when they converse in public domain.

The natives with Jupiter in Cancer can make others feel at home with them. They make people feel special. They are good in making the most of the opportunities that they get. They have a taste for rich food and artistic pursuits. They can make it out easily if the other person is feeling happy or burdened by problems. Their kind and compassionate nature enables them to understand and feel the miseries of others. They use their imagination in finding solutions of the problems faced by their friends and relatives.

The natives with Jupiter in Cancer are God-fearing and devoted by nature. They believe in destiny and the concept that our actions bear fruits not only in this life but in subsequent births too. They are interested in reading the scriptures and religious texts. They can make a mark in astrology, palmistry and other such pursuits. They can excel in trades like real estate, architecture, catering, hospitality business, teaching, research etc. On the negative side, they sometimes cling to old traditions and superstitions. They feel insecure in the unknown zone. They make themselves unapproachable when they aren’t in a good mood.

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