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The natives with Jupiter in Aquarius are humanitarian by nature and are concerned with the wellbeing of everyone. They have faith in the brotherhood of mankind. They are fascinated by assignments that bring into play their hidden talents and give them a chance to broaden their vision. They are easy to work with due to their friendliness, impartial attitude and problem-solving temperament. Innovative ideas emerge out of their inventive mind. They have a knack for managing big groups of people. Their greatest strength is their sensitiveness which enables them to understand the feelings and problems of others with a sympathetic attitude.

The natives with Jupiter in Aquarius believe in the principle of ‘Live and let live’. They show tolerance towards the religious and general views of other people. They look at the positive side of any issue and it makes them the people to talk to when others find themselves clueless. They attract people because they radiate positive energy. Even when they achieve high positions of success and fame, they don’t forget their less fortunate companions. They are always eager to do their bit to emancipate the downtrodden folks. They excel in fields like technology, philosophy, social work, science and spiritual pursuits.

The natives with Jupiter in Aquarius can’t be tied at one place or in one job. They like to tread on paths that are less travelled. They accept people as they are because they know that everyone is unique in some way. They don’t accumulate enormous wealth because they are not lured by the materialistic things. They draw many admirers because no one feels threatened by them. They lack in discipline sometimes. They can shake the system by their revolutionary acts, which surprise others as no one expects them to break the regulations. They are brilliant in uniting people to fight for a larger cause for the betterment of humanity.

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