Jupiter in 8th House

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The natives with Jupiter in the eighth house are blessed with affluence and esteemed financial status. The biggest source of their gains is inheritance. They also prosper through joint ventures. They may take money from other people for investment, which may increase manifold subsequently. They are intelligent and may go abroad for study and research purpose. They may earn huge amount for the research work that they do in their favored subject. They prove to be very able investigators who can get to the bottom of any mystery. They are accomplished in preparing war plans and other strategies.

The natives with Jupiter in the eighth house get engrossed in spiritual pursuits, if Jupiter is exalted, in its own sign or is in the sign of a friendly planet. Eighth house is not a very auspicious place for Jupiter. The ill effects of Jupiter’s placement here can be countered by immersing oneself in the devotion of God. The native must become morally upright to avert dangers on life and finance. The native has an average or short life span, if Jupiter gets debilitated there and the eighth lord is afflicted or deposited in an inauspicious house. However, the native will live a healthy and long life, if Jupiter is exalted or strongly placed here.

Jupiter in the eighth house doesn’t let the natives to live in their ancestral house for long. Weak Jupiter in the eighth house makes the native poor and they earn money by serving others. They may get involved in sinful acts and may have to suffer humiliation on account of having illicit relations with widows or the women of low status. However, if Jupiter is strong here, the native bears a saintly persona and is well versed in religious scriptures like ‘Vedas and Purana’. It is said that such people go to heaven after their death.