Jupiter in 7th House

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Jupiter in the seventh house opens up new vistas of beautiful relationships. The natives with such disposition get a life mate of their choice, one which they always dreamed of. They are blessed with graceful, composed and pleasing personality. They believe in building long term relationships. Once they develop affinity for someone, they stand by them till the last hour. Their kind nature makes them admirable and much sought after. They benefit from their relationships and blossom after their marriage. Either their spouse belongs to a wealthy family or luck smiles on them when they settle down in life.

The natives with Jupiter in the seventh house look for a partner who can expand their vision and help them grow as a better human being. Their partner becomes a source of strengthening their spiritual views. They become interested in following religious practices after their marriage. Their partner may be ahead of them in terms of education, job designation, salary and affluence, but there is no animosity in their mind in this regard. Such natives are good-looking, wonderful communicators, famous for their skill/knowledge and are respected in their village or native place. They outshine their father/ancestors in virtues, caliber and generosity.

The natives with Jupiter in the seventh house are chaste by nature and stay away from immoral acts or illicit relations with women other than their wife. If the lord of the seventh house is in conjunction with malefic planets, the native may develop illicit relationships with many women. They may suffer ignominy in public sphere on account of their misdeeds and may invite the wrath of people in authority. They may have to bear huge losses in business partnerships or joint ventures. Exalted Jupiter or powerful seventh lord blesses the native with beautiful wife/handsome husband, who might be more mature than them, and possibly elder in age.