Jupiter in 6th House

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The natives with Jupiter in the sixth house are admired for their flexible attitude and helpful nature. They shine at their workplace, owing to their knowledge and desire to learn something always. In spite of being very intelligent and proficient at work, they never display arrogance or demean others. Their emphasis is on doing their work earnestly while showing gratitude to the God for giving them an opportunity to work. They exhilarate when they can provide any sort of help to the needful. The good placement of Jupiter here makes them spiritual, charitable and honest. They are loyal and dependable in relationships.

The natives with Jupiter in the sixth house generally remain healthy throughout their life, barring conditions when the sixth lord is severely afflicted and Jupiter is debilitated. The weak Jupiter disturbs their eating habits by increasing their over-indulgence in rich food and alcohol. They are then guided by their tongue and ignore health concerns. Too much addiction to alcohol damages their liver and they are hospitalized time and again. Overeating disturbs their digestive system and they are troubled by the problem of acidity. They need to remain careful about the blood-circulation diseases. Weak Jupiter makes the native careless about health, hygiene and nutrition. They need to guard themselves against obesity.

The natives with Jupiter in the sixth house triumph over their rivals, if Jupiter is free from any affliction and the lord of the sixth house is well deposited. But the bad placement of Jupiter causes troubles through hidden enemies, who plan secretly to pounce on them. The sixth house also signifies debts and loans of any kind. Weak Jupiter drops bombshell on the natives by engulfing them in the vicious circle of debt. If sixth lord is also afflicted, they may have to sell their property, jewelry and other assets to pay their loans.