Jupiter in 4th House

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Jupiter in the fourth house makes the native bighearted, friendly and nationalistic by temperament. Their mother plays a great role in shaping their character and destiny because they obey her like a devoted son, without ever questioning her decisions. Their parents believe that they will not leave them after their marriage. Such natives take their parents for pilgrimages. They make every possible effort to keep their parents and everyone else happy because they derive pleasure from seeing others in high spirits. They are inclined towards spirituality from childhood.

The natives with Jupiter in the fourth house are interested in reading religious scriptures and holy books. The exalted or well-placed Jupiter here makes them to delve into and earn a living through practicing predictive astrology, numerology, palmistry etc. They get interested in the art of ‘vastu shastra’ and apply it in their work, if they are an architect or an interior designer. They have more than one personal residence. They get the comfort of luxury conveyances right from their childhood. They usually live in big bungalows/houses. Even as a tenant, they prefer to live in a spacious accommodation. They are fond of their home and take pleasure in redecorating it every now and then.

The natives with Jupiter in the fourth house want to do something concrete for the people, either by forming charitable organizations or by helping them secretly. Fourth house also represents masses/people. If Jupiter is strongly deposited here and the lord of the fourth house is not in conjunction with weak planets, they become the darling of the masses, even revered by them. Since Jupiter aspects the eighth and twelfth houses from here, they may travel abroad regularly. They will be the guiding figures at their workplace due to the Jupiter’s aspect on the house of profession. Weak Jupiter in the fourth house takes away the happiness related to home while strong Jupiter enhances it.