Jupiter in 3rd House

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Jupiter in the third house makes the native optimistic and conservative. They have a strong sixth sense and are philosophical by nature. They are broad-minded and are able to figure out what others are thinking. They are curious to unravel the mysteries of life and show great interest in learning arts that no one in their family had known before. Their education is related to the fields of their interest as they can’t concentrate at all on subjects that don’t appeal to them. They share cordial relationship with their siblings only when the lord of the third house is free from any affliction and Jupiter is not debilitated.

The natives with Jupiter in the third house are miser by temperament and think twice before spending money. They are keen to share their knowledge with everyone. They can perform well in the fields related to communications, media and public relations. They may become a big publisher and can earn a lot by opening a printing press. They like to travel a lot, especially to the places associated with religion and heritage. They take others for pilgrimages and excursions with them, by bearing all their travel expenses. Spirituality is in their blood and they do meditation, yoga, fasting etc.

The natives with Jupiter in the third house are not perturbed by adversities. They don’t run away from difficulties or responsibilities and remain steadfast even while facing the most powerful enemy. If Jupiter is exalted or well placed here, the native is endowed with a long life. They get inheritance from their father and can suddenly get enormous wealth in life. If Jupiter is debilitated or severely afflicted here, it can cut short the life span of the native. They may be cheated by their brothers. However, Jupiter’s aspect on seventh, ninth and eleventh houses from here makes them fortunate and blessed with good spouse.