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Jupiter in the second house brings financial rewards. When the planet of wisdom steps into the house of money, it ensures flow of money through right means. The natives with such disposition don’t agree to let in underhand income in their house. They might never face shortage of money, but they have to undergo tough circumstances to earn money because Jupiter impels you to understand the value of each penny. They can be very good orator, more in the mould of a preacher or philosophical guide. Even those who sit at the high echelons of power and authority take their advice very seriously. People rush to them in hour of crisis.

The natives with Jupiter in the second house spend a lot in attaining things related to comfort and luxury. Their prime concern is to accumulate wealth and assets for their family, and they can cut their own expenses to meet the needs of their family. If Jupiter is well deposited here, they will be fond of rich food, but not necessarily wine. They will have a sweet tooth and would like eating out. But if Jupiter gets debilitated here, they may develop bad eating habits and may become addicted to alcohol and non-vegetarian food, which in long run may cause serious health issue to them related to mouth and digestive system.

The natives with Jupiter in the second house are good foretellers by instinct. If Jupiter is strong, many of their predictions may come true. They are admired for their virtues and administrative skills. They are good in studies and poetry. They have a good family life and spend their money on pilgrimages and donations. If Jupiter is in conjunction with malefic planets here, the native faces hurdles in achieving good education. They may become immoral and speak in an offensive way. They may lose money on account of gambling.

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