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Jupiter in the first house is said to destroy numerous bad ‘doshas’ present in the horoscope. Jupiter is one of the most auspicious planets and its placement in the ascendant is not less than a boon. Such natives are fountainheads of knowledge and benevolence. Their learning crosses the realm of formal education and they guide others by pouring pearls of wisdom. They teach others how things should be done in an appropriate way. They become mature at a very young age and show eagerness to shoulder the responsibilities of their family, or the organization where they work. They stay firm on their principles even in the difficult times.

The natives with Jupiter in the first house incorporate the finer spiritual practices in their daily routine. For them, charity begins at home and they make every effort to please their family and make their life comfortable. Their philosophical disposition makes them revered in their social circle. They are always ready to participate in good acts like blood donation, cleaning campaigns and providing needful things to the orphans, handicapped or destitute people. They believe that God is always near them and draw support from this belief of theirs. They become good leaders because they possess the ability to inspire others and arouse their faith in God.

The natives with Jupiter in the first house are eloquent speakers and have thorough knowledge of the ‘Vedas’ and other scriptures. From ascendant, Jupiter casts benefic aspects on fifth, seventh and ninth houses; signifying happiness through education, children, spouse and father, apart from making the native fortunate in every aspect. What else can one ask for? They possess a beautiful face and learned disposition. If Jupiter gets severely afflicted in conjunction with malefic planets, the above-stated results are reversed, making the native dishonest, lazy and poor. Their arrogance, extravagance and over-indulgence in something may lead to their downfall and they may forsake their friends and dear ones.

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